Does Your Dog Walk In The Rain?

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Is a raincoat a must for your pup?

We’ve had a lot of rain here in New York City for the past month or so. When it rains, many dog owners switch up their routine. Ever since we adopted our black lab from North Shore Animal League, I pay special attention to the forecast and the clouds overhead.

Django would rather hold it than go in the rain. And she will. If I see dark clouds, I immediately take her out before the rain comes. But when it’s already raining, I’ll take her for a walk or put her out in the yard. She’ll go out, reluctantly, and refuse to sniff. Hours will pass and she will still be stubborn. Once the rain stops or dies down to a drizzle, she’ll gladly go out and do her business.

I admit I don’t use a raincoat and she probably just simply doesn’t like getting wet. I have friends who swear by their doggie raincoats and say that once they started using them, their dogs didn’t mind going out in the rain, but I wonder how individual it is.

My last dog, Roxy, a black shepherd mix didn’t mind the rain at all, but was deathly afraid of thunder. She would get quiet and go inch her way behind the bathroom toilet or underneath the bed way before any thunder ever came close. After a while, I trusted Roxy’s behavior over the weatherman’s forecast. Roxy was never wrong. If there was no thunder and only rain, she was more than happy to go out in the rain.

Now our other dog, Hayley, a chihuahua mix, also has no problem at all with walks in the rain, even when it’s raining pretty heavily. But she is older and nothing much really bothers her anymore.

How does your dog deal with the rain? Do you wait until the rain is over for a walk? Do you use a doggie raincoat?

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