Dog Bow Ties. Because Dogs Need Bow Ties.

il_570xN.244366145Wedding season is fast approaching, and if you’re like 30% of Americans, you’re going to need a bow tie for your dog because it would be totally embarrassing to bring your dog to a black tie affair and have him be under dressed. My dog is still upset about that time I forgot to pick up her tuxedo from the dry cleaners. SHE HAD TO GO NAKED, YOU GUYS.

(I’m mostly kidding. My dog DOES have a tuxedo. But it’s totally washable.)

So do yourself a favor and get out ahead of the crowd on this one, okay?

  • Fancy Pants 1 of 9

    That title is silly because dogs don't wear pants. They can totally rock this 14" high society bow tie, though. Classic.

  • Luxe Mutt 2 of 9

    I'm completely obsessed with these leather bow tie collars from Luxe Mutt. They're 70 bucks, but I would kind of still consider outfitting all three of my pups in them. I mean seriously.

  • I Think This Might Be The Sexy Version 3 of 9

    "Let me slip in to something a little more comfortable." {via Amazon}

  • I Can’t Stop Laughing 4 of 9

    It's like my college room mate's pervy Uncle Bob is a terrier. {via Amazon}

  • This Would Look Amazing On My Chihuahua 5 of 9

    Stinkerbell would FREAK for this look. {via Amazon}

  • Seersucker Is So Hot Right Now 6 of 9

    Etsy Seller MeandMatilda has some amazing patterns for your furry friend. Including purple seersucker, pictured.

  • Houndstooth For Your Hound 7 of 9

    The Kozie Canine (via Etsy) makes collars with optional bow tie. A look for all occasions.

  • Spring Into Summer 8 of 9

    The perfect Argyle for the season. {via Etsy}

  • The Full Monty 9 of 9

    Some dogs just aren't satisfied with just a bow tie. For those dogs, there's this Dapper [short sleeved] Doggy Tuxedo. {via Amazon}


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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