Dog Brings Home His Girlfriend To Meet the Parents (Video)

Dog Brings Home Girlfriend To "Meet the Parents" (Video)
Here she is…

Our black lab, Django has found a new love. Well, technically, it’s her first love. A few months ago, a brown colored pup moved into the house down the street. Big brown eyes and a loving spirit, this pup was hard not to fall in love with. In just a few weeks, Henry quickly sprouted up and is now bigger, taller, and stronger than Django (who at just 50 pounds is a pretty pint-sized lab mix).

Ever since they met, they hit it off…and not the way just doggie friends do. They crane their necks down the block for a quick glimpse of one another, and longingly stare into each others eyes every chance they get. Henry does this head roll when I pet him and places his head lovingly to the side on my hand. He’s a ham, for sure, but he definitely won over this mother-in-law. Everyone knows that Django is Henry’s girlfriend and while my husband doesn’t quite believe the connection, I know it’s true.

There are several other known canine couples, and just like humans, dogs naturally want to show off their better half to the family. In the video below, this dog brings home his girlfriend to meet the parents, and he proudly displays his beloved when asked to do so!

Image: YouTube


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