Dog Days of Summer: 12 Dogs Enjoying the Summer Heat

It’s hard to believe the summer is almost over! The time has just flown by and before I know it I will be reaching for my sweater and watching the leaves change color.

The summer is such a fun time for people and our pets. I don’t have a dog myself, but when the weather is warm, I see them outside enjoying the sun and it’s hard to find a dog that’s not happy to be outdoors. Dogs just really seem to love their summer!

In celebration of the warm weather coming to an end, I’ve compiled some photos of wonderfully happy dogs enjoying the dog days of summer.

  • 12 Dogs Enjoying the Summer Heat 1 of 13

    While the summer is winding down, these dogs are getting the most out of it. 

  • Ollie Loving the Heat 2 of 13

    He's happy to hang out in the sun and watch his favorite people play.

    Photo credit: Alie, Cake Is The Only Thing That Matters; used with permission

  • Walks Are So Much Fun 3 of 13

    Hudson is taking a small break after a walk to enjoy the scenery and snap a picture.

    Photo credit: Caitlin Hill, Selection By Sisters; used with permission

  • A Little Down Time 4 of 13

    Sprocket is taking a little "cat nap" after coming back in from playing outside.

    Photo credit: Torie Abramson; used with permission

  • Nap on a Warm Day 5 of 13

    The soil is cool and the sun is warm making this the perfect place for a nap.

    Photo credit: jared | Flickr Attribution

  • Out for a Stroll 6 of 13

    These dogs won't let the mega-heat keep them from enjoying the outdoors.

    Photo credit: vastateparksstaff | Flickr Attribution

  • Summer 7 of 13

    This beautiful image is so what summer is all about.

    Photo credit:  jumpinjimmyjava | Flickr Attribution

  • Stop for Some Water 8 of 13

    He's taking a little break for water since he's been playing outside all day.

    Photo credit: bigbirdz | Flickr Attribution

  • Pool Time 9 of 13

    We call these "kiddy pools" but dogs really love them too.

    Photo credit: Inspire Kelly | Flickr Attribution

  • A Little Splash 10 of 13

    This pool can be used to cool down and get a quick drink.

    Photo credit: H.Marine | Flickr Attribution

  • Beach Day 11 of 13

    Dogs love the beach too and this little pup especially loves his walks on the sand.

    Photo credit:  lilivanili | Flickr Attribution

  • Let’s Play Ball 12 of 13

    How can you not smile at this dog who is so obviously having a great summer?

    Photo credit:  Johan Larsson | Flickr Attribution

  • Boating Trip 13 of 13

    He may not look too thrilled, but he's having so much fun he doesn't know what to do with himself.

    Photo credit: Carly & Art | Flickr AttributionShare Alike

Has your dog been enjoying his/her summer? Share it in the comments! 


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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