Dog Fashions Now Available in Husky Sizes: 16 Looks for Larger Breeds

Dog Fashions Now Available in Husky Sizes: 16 Looks for Larger Breeds (via Babble Pets)Long overdue, fashion is finally coming to larger breed dogs. For too long, only the tiniest breeds were thought cute enough to sport tutus and itty-bitty sweaters.

Even the style frontier of New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) is now stocking dog dressmaker forms in larger sizes. By the way, FIT now offers a professional certificate in pet product design and marketing.

Everything about that last paragraph seems insane, but let’s plow ahead, shall we?

“Every dog today needs boots,” FIT’s managing coordinator Joan Volpe told Reuters. “Every dog needs a raincoat. Every dog needs a sweater.”

I don’t know what she was thinking, because obviously every dog also needs a tutu (yes, even the male dogs: this is fashion, people), and she left that off her list.

Since I read it on the Internet, I know it must be true, so off I went in search of this plethora of big dog fashion. Here’s what I learned: there are indeed a bunch of cute clothes for dogs that come in, shall we say, plus sizes. However, most of it is modeled by the skinny word for female dogs that would fit here perfectly ladies.

It’s just like human fashion. Weird.

Looking for cute stuff for your big-boned beauty? You’re definitely more likely to find what you’re looking for online, rather than in a brick-and-mortar shop. Some websites, such as Doggie Clothesline and Doggie Couture Shop  offer special clothing departments for large dogs. PetSmart lets you sort your options by breed size. For amazing custom work, your best bet is definitely Etsy, where several different designers allow you to order clothes and accessories made to fit your dog’s exact measurements. Custom work can sometimes run into big bucks, but the items I’ve included in this post are definitely in the more affordable range.

Below are sixteen different looks–ranging from super-functional to fun and frilly–for larger breeds. There’s more out there than this, but I only included items that were modeled by large dogs, because I’d like to encourage the pet modeling world to embrace size diversity. If the dress was only modeled by the canine equivalent of a size 0, they didn’t make the cut for this post!

  • Dog Fashion: Now Available in Husky Sizes 1 of 17
    Dog Fashion: Now Available in Husky Sizes
    There's no rule that larger breeds can't be just as adorable as their smaller friends. Click the arrows to scroll through these fantastic fashions for larger dogs!
  • If your dog secretly wishes you were Cliff Huxtable 2 of 17
    If your dog secretly wishes you were Cliff Huxtable
    This number is called the "Green Woodstock" but all I can think is "Theo! Get down here!"

    (Available at Doggie Couture Shop, $41.)
  • Finally: Accessories for a dog larger than a chihuahua 3 of 17
    Finally: Accessories for a dog larger than a chihuahua
    Most accessories are designed with petite dogs in mind, but this one is specifically made for larger dogs. Munchkin-sized dogs just can't pull off the oversized flower look.

    (Available at Courtanai/Etsy, $28.)
  • Crocheted and Knit Sweater Dress 4 of 17
    Crocheted and Knit Sweater Dress
    This crocheted and knit sweater dress can be custom-made to your dog's specifications.

    (Available at popelkaLida/Etsy, $59.)
  • Tummy Warmer 5 of 17
    Tummy Warmer
    Greyhounds may be big, but they don't usually have a lot of fat keeping them warm. A tummy warmer may offer just the extra protection they need on a winter walk.

    (Available in multiple colors at Voyagers K9 Apparel, $36.)
  • Tutu Cute 6 of 17
    Tutu Cute
    This tutu is custom-sized and available in the color combination of your choice. Twenty percent of proceeds are donated to an animal rescue center.

    (Available at Charlie Hearts Diesel/Etsy, $48.)
  • The Original Fleece Flower Hat for Dogs and People 7 of 17
    The Original Fleece Flower Hat for Dogs and People
    Made for large breed dogs and/or their people. Yay for sharing wardrobes!

    (Available at hatzforbrats/Etsy, $34.)
  • Jammies 8 of 17
    Custom-made to your dog's size specifications, this can be made in other colors as well. Oh, and that's an Afghan Hound, not a dog wearing a crimped wig.

    (Available at Playful Pup/Etsy, $35.)
  • Cute Stuff for Big Dogs 9 of 17
    Cute Stuff for Big Dogs
    The Lil' Monster Hoodie comes in extra large.

    (Available at Baxter Boo, $21.57 for size XL.)
  • These boots are made for walkin.’ 10 of 17
    These boots are made for walkin.'
    They're also made for big dogs. Because Weimaraners hate that stuff that melts ice on sidewalks, too.

    (Available at Voyagers K9 Apparel, $40.)
  • Tennis (Ball), Anyone? 11 of 17
    Tennis (Ball), Anyone?
    Your dog can look dapper chasing tennis balls in a sweet polo shirt.

    (Available at Baxter Boo, $15.97 for size 2XL.)
  • ZOMG. 12 of 17
    I can't even imagine how much work went into making this Scandinavian-Style Turtleneck Sweater in this large a size.

    (Available at Bobbie Glue/Etsy, $49.)
  • Just in Time for St. Patty’s Day! 13 of 17
    Just in Time for St. Patty's Day!
    Because every dog's an Irish Setter on St. Patrick's Day.

    (Available at Doggie Couture Shop, $39.)
  • When your dog’s own coat just isn’t enough. 14 of 17
    When your dog's own coat just isn't enough.
    Although honestly, if you're taking your dog somewhere so cold that it needs a coat this thick, you should probably go home and drink some hot cocoa instead.

    (Available at Baxter Boo, $29.97 for size 2XL.)
  • Tan Camp Sweater 15 of 17
    Tan Camp Sweater
    I love this dog. I love this sweater. I love how this dog looks like he loves the sweater.

    (Available at Doggie Couture Shop, $37.)
  • ‘Big girls like to be pretty, too!’ 16 of 17
    'Big girls like to be pretty, too!'
    This Etsy designer says, "Big girls like to be pretty, too!" Ain't that the truth.

    (Available at Rusty Bike Shop/Etsy, $25.)
  • Dogs appreciate irony. 17 of 17
    Dogs appreciate irony.
    Putting a Husky dog hat on a Husky dog is always a good idea, but even better if you're watching a UConn game. Alternatively, you wear the hat and pretend that you and your Husky are twins. (Please send photos if you do that.) Similar hat available on Amazon for $6.65.

    (Photo Credit: Cheezburger.)

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