Dog Is Saved After Man Performs CPR (Video)

Dog Saved After Man Performs CPR (Video)It is an owner’s worst fear: your beloved dog goes into cardiac arrest for no apparent reason. What do you do… besides just freeze?

The owner in the video below had her dog Sugar enrolled at a K9 training program. During one routine training exercise, Sugar collapses to the ground and stops breathing. Understandably, the owner becomes emotional because she doesn’t know what just happened or what to do.

The center’s owner rushes over and administers CPR to Sugar while people in the background instruct the owner to be calm and call out to her dog to reassure him.

After a couple of frightful minutes,  the dog is saved after man performs CPR and Sugar is resuscitated. This video is tough to watch but it demonstrates the need for all of us pet owners to know how to administer CPR on our pets, if needed. Hopefully, we will never be in this situation, but if we are, we’ll be ready.


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Image: YouTube

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