Dog Laughs Out Loud! (Video)

Dog Laughs Out Loud! (Video)Like most pet owners, my dogs bring me pure, unadulterated joy. After a long day, something as simple as having Django jump up when I walk in the door and not rest until I give her a hug immediately puts me in a good mood. On days when I’m sick or just feeling down, she senses that I am not myself and will jump up and cuddle with me on the couch as if to say she’s there.

In every situation, our dogs are our family and incorporated as such. They are present at every family get-together and holiday, and on a daily basis as our family gathers at night once everyone is home, they sit at our feet or next to us on the couch and listen to our stories of what happened that day.

Sometimes Django will listen so intently that I will say “right, Django,” and sometimes when we joke around, she seems to get it. She doesn’t laugh or do anything outwardly other than flash those knowing eyes, but she gives me a look that signals that she genuinely appreciates the humor.

The dog in the video goes one step (OK, five) beyond that. This hysterical dog laughs out loud. I am not exaggerating in the least. It’s a genuine laugh.

Watch it here:

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