Dog Leads the Way to Find Missing Autistic 5-Year-Old Boy

Volunteer searcher and his golden retriever, Autumn.

Huge numbers of volunteers turned out to look for Scott Meyer, a five-year-old boy with autism who had wandered away from the fenced yard at his Prescott, Wis. home. The 20-hour hunt, amid blazing heat, high humidity, and excessive heat warnings, came to an end when Jason Moser and his golden retriever Autumn found a very thirsty little boy.

Scott, who is nonverbal, was found about a half mile from his home. Minneapolis’  StarTribune reported that the boy was taken to Children’s Hospital in St. Paul. Although the hospital declined to release the boy’s condition, his aunt, Rose Poss, said he was dehydrated, sunburned, and suffering from bug bites and a severe diaper rash.

Mr. Moser and his dog Autumn found Scott at about 8 a.m. “As fast as he grabbed that water, you could see he was doing well,” Moser told the StarTribune. “I told him, ‘Let’s get you back to your parents.’ He didn’t want to move or go anywhere. … You could tell he was a little scared, a little weak.”

Mr. Moser, who had driven 20 minutes from a nearby town to participate in the search, called 911, shouted for help, and then texted his wife Melissa with the great news. The rescue crew came quickly, and reunited the little boy with his parents. Moser said he saw Barb and Dick Meyer, the boy’s extremely relieved parents, give him hugs as he was being tucked into the ambulance.

Mr. Moser and his wife Melissa have two kids, 4-year-old Liam and 11-month-old Kage. The family said they would give Autumn her own steak or hamburger for dinner in celebration of her achievement, along with the usual spillage from Liam and Kage.

Scott was expected to be released from the hospital yesterday (Thursday) after being treated for “significant deer tick and mosquito bites,” according to a local FOX News report.

(Photo Credit: Rob Olsen/FOX 9 News)
(via: StarTribune and FOX 9 News

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