Dog Poop Products You Should Probably Purchase (WHAT?!)

Pack-A-Poo_001I know. I know. Dog poop isn’t fragrant or pretty or even well designed. So it’s not something we like to talk about all that often around these parts. (Around any parts.) But I’m a realist, and in real life, poop happens and must be dealt with. Especially dog poop. And with three dogs of all sizes I happen to be something of an excrement expert. (A coveted title, no doubt.)

So, I’ve rounded up five of my favorite poop-related products to help make your life cohabiting with dogs just that must more pleasant smelling. You’re welcome.

  • Pack-A-Poo 1 of 6

    It is so embarrassing when you bump in to...well, anyone really with a pocket full of dog poop. Put an end to those awkward run ins for good with Pack-A-Poo, stops the smell where it starts. (Well, not exactly where it starts.)

  • Doggie Dooley: Believe It 2 of 6

    Okay, this is one particular item that my husband and I disagree on, but I am a HUGE fan of the Doggie Dooley. It's like a dog septic system that you install in your backyard. Sure, it smells a little like onions when you open it to add new material, but other than that it saves me a lot of looking at poop and/or carrying poop through my house since we have no direct access to the backyard from the front.

  • Try A Little Tenderness 3 of 6

    They smell like lavender, and they biodegrade. {available here} ::drops mic::

  • The Word Of The Day Is Coprophagia 4 of 6

    So, Deter doesn't have as funny of a name or comical a package as Solid Gold S.E.P. (wherein S.E.P. stands for Stop Eating Poop) but I've used Deter with one of my dogs (I won't name names on the Internet) and it actually does work. Also it took me a little while to love that particular dog again after I witnessed them, up after themselves. Because, gross.

  • Old Trusty 5 of 6

    You can try, but you won't find a more effective method of picking poop up off the lawn than the old rake and poop-pan combo. So in my opinion, you might as well stop trying.

  • Because I’m Twelve 6 of 6

    I know it has absolutely nothing to do with dogs, but this mug makes me laugh. Because I might look like a Semiurbanhipster-Mom on the outside, but am actually a twelve-year-old boy on the inside.


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