Dog Really Does Not Want to Have a Bath [Video]

dog does not want a bathIf my youngest child could choose, she would spend most of her day playing in water. She loves to bathe and has no issue when I tell her it’s time to jump in the tub and get clean. My older child doesn’t feel the same way and sometimes convincing him to get wet can be an issue. Turns out, dogs have the same preferences when it comes to bath time. Some dogs really love it, while other dogs really do no want to have a bath.

I came across a video today of a dog who really does not want to have a bath and it’s totally adorable. We see him avoid it at nearly all costs and has even mastered closing doors when we gets a hit that he’s about to get wet.

In this funny video uploaded by YouTube user ÐÐ»ÐµÐºÑÐ°Ð½Ð´Ñ€ Нор, we see that just like kids, not all dogs love to have a bath. This dog featured in the video is a dog who really does not want to have a bath:

Photo credit: screenshot ÐÐ»ÐµÐºÑÐ°Ð½Ð´Ñ€ Нор /YouTube
Source: YouTube; standard YouTube License


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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