Heartbroken Dog Stays By Owners Grave For Six Years

Dog Stays By Owner's Grave For Six Years via Babble
Capitán at his owner's grave site.

Warning: You might want to grab some tissues before reading on.

This is the sweetest and saddest stories I’ve come across lately about the unconditional love between a dog and its owner. Earlier in the week, I wrote about a tip to help people who lost their pets learn how to grieve and learn to live through their huge loss. Today is an opposite story.

A German Shepherd mix in Argentina named Capitán was given as a gift from Miguel Guzmán to his son Damián back in 2005. A year later, Miguel died and soon after, Capitán disappeared. One day, the family went to visit Miguel’s grave and found Capitán sitting by the man’s tombstone.

The family couldn’t understand how the dog knew where Miguel’s grave was since the man died in the hospital and was taken directly to the cemetery, which is quite a distance away from the cemetery. Since then, the dog has gone home with the family from time to time but always returns to that exact spot where his owner is buried.

The cemetery’s director, Héctor Baccega says that he noticed the dog walking around the cemetery the first time he came and after a few times around, he located his owner’s grave. Baccega says Capitán also lays down at the grave at 6 pm everyday.

Thirteen-year-old Damián says that he is okay with Capitán spending his time away from home and at the cemetery:

“If he wants to stay there, it’s fine that he remains: he’s taking care of my dad.”

Image: Santiago Berioli

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