Doggie Bath: Can Your Dog Do This? (Video)

 Doggie Bath: Can Your Dog Do This? (Video) via Babble
How cute is this English Bulldog as he embarks on his grooming ritual?

Last week, in an attempt to make my very hairy Lab shed less, I gave her a bath. Back when she was a puppy, we tried to get her into the tub. Back then, she was still too strong and stubborn to stay in the tub. Even at 14 pounds, that is utterly impossible. She reacted to the water as though it were a deadly substance. And it was warm, neither hot nor cold, and the soap hadn’t even been put in yet. So now, I put on her leash and secure her to our yard fence as I bathe her outside, after filling multiple buckets full of warm water. She still doesn’t love it but tolerates it, just barely.

So you can imagine my wide-eyed surprise at seeing what this stocky little bulldog does when he’s told to take a bath!

Pancho Alberto, the English Bulldog just needs a verbal command, and then he willingly leaps in. Watching hs stocky little legs get in the tub is nothing short of adorable and the fact that he just needs to be told once to get in is amazing. My kids don’t even listen that well!

Watch it for yourself, and then tell us, how does your dog like his/her bath? And what lengths do you have to go to get your pup clean?

Image: YouTube

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