Doggie Olympics: Canine Fun for Competitors and Spectators!

For 18 years, the LAPP (Larimer Animal People Partnership) has been hosting an annual Doggie Olympics in Fort Collins, Colorado. The popular event, which was held this year on September 29th, is the annual fundraiser for LAPP. LAPP is an umbrella organization for local animal therapy teams that travel throughout the Northern Colorado Community. Yvonne Hanning of LAPP said, “The Doggie Olympics were started to promote responsible pet ownership and humane treatment of animals.”

The yearly event attracts a variety of dogs and people to participate in 14 games and sports. All handler skill levels, from competitive to youth, are welcome to show off the abilities of their canine companions. In addition to the competitive dog activities, this year’s event featured four different “demo” events: carting, tribball, good manner dogs, and disk dogs.

The 2013 LAPP Doggie Olympics.

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(Video by Yvonne Hanning)

The Doggie Olympics is a wonderful, family friendly resource for people who are interested in developing their dog/person interaction skills. It is also an excellent place to learn about a variety of dog breeds, sports, and proper puppy etiquette! Whether you want to compete or simply watch, there truly is something for everyone at the Doggie Olympics.

Meet the canine competitors and the attentive audience!

(All photos by Johi Kokjohn-Wagner)


  • Click through to see the excitement of the Doggie Olympics! 1 of 26
  • Old dogs doing old tricks never gets old. 2 of 26

    This adorable dog, Teddy Bear, was one of the geriatric competitors. The crowd loved him, for obvious reasons. Do you see his little pink tongue sticking out a tiny bit?

  • Oldest dog, youngest handler. 3 of 26

    This little pooch gets springy for snacks.

  • Sure, I’ll hold your mug. 4 of 26

    Kiva, a 2 1/2 year old shelter dog, showed an impressive array of tricks, including posing as a cup holder.

  • Shake; it never gets old. 5 of 26

    Well mannered dogs know how to say a proper hello.

  • The audience will wait. 6 of 26

    This old yellow lab needed to take care of an itch in the middle of her performance. When you have that much talent and life experience, you can make your fans wait. Just ask Madonna...

  • OMG BALL! 7 of 26
    Audience Participation

    This audience member was so excited that they joined in the fun. 

  • Down… stay… good dogs! 8 of 26
    waiting for the judges

    I'm shaming my dogs with this picture right now.

  • Spooning in the grass. 9 of 26
    chillin with my homie

    These two were enjoying the show and the company.

  • Disk dogs. 10 of 26

    Scout was digging the fresh air, the sunshine, and the pink Frisbee.

  • REACH! 11 of 26
    get it!

    Penny, a three year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever, loved retrieving those disks.

  • Dynamite comes in small packages. 12 of 26

    This terrier may have been tiny, but she was a fierce competitor! And she had cute prancing little paws!

  • Speed, precision, and agility. 13 of 26
    Disk Dog

    Camish, this Belgian Turkish dog, displayed a passion for the disk competition.

  • Air Penny. 14 of 26
  • Focus. 15 of 26
    2013-09-29 11.27.29

    Being a disk dog is a passion for Scarlett, a Miniature American Shepherd (also known as a Miniature Australian Shepherd).

  • And the Olympic Gold for The Best Ears goes to… 16 of 26
    The best ears on the planet

    this dog right here.

  • Mutt perfection. 17 of 26

    This dog is adorable. The end.

  • Beauty, grace, and dignity. 18 of 26

    This Greyhound watched the action with composure and charm.

  • Awesomesauce. 19 of 26

    No further explanation needed.

  • Making himself comfortable. 20 of 26
    resting on mom

    Sure, dogs love laying on the green grass... but why when your person is right there, why would you lay anywhere else?

  • Just watching… 21 of 26
    Watching the Action

    Cuteness abounds!

  • Bribery at its best. 22 of 26

    I think the dog is saying, "Just hand over the treat, then YOU can run up the ramp."

  • Jump! 23 of 26

    Look for local dog competitions in your area.

  • Leap! 24 of 26

    The dogs love it!

  • Catch! 25 of 26
    2013-09-29 12.08.05

    They get to dress up in their favorite t-shirts and show off their skills!

  • JOY! 26 of 26

    The Doggie Olympics bring JOY and HAPPINESS to all who attend, but this dog takes the gold for the Most Enthusiatic Disk Capture. 

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