Dogs and Humans Kissing Brings Out All The Feels

We all know I am a cat person — it’s certainly no secret. I have never really developed a close bond with a dog though I did grow up with a few dogs when I was a kid, but cats have always been my spirit animal. I like them because they’re about as affectionate as I am — which isn’t a lot and only on my own terms. It doesn’t mean I don’t like a good cuddle here and there, but when it comes to dogs — their affection seems to be more over-the-top for my taste.

There is no denying the amazing bond many humans do have with their dogs — they are considered “man’s best friend” after all. If you’re an affectionate-type of person, you probably love the wagging tail that signals happiness in a dog, the way they wait to greet you at the door and all those sloppy dog kisses. “Unconditional love” is how many people would describe that bond between their dog and we all need more of that in our lives.

Photographer Chris Sembrot captures the unconditional love between dogs and humans in a fun series he calls “For The Love of Dog.” These photos will bring out all the feels — either positively or negatively. If you’re a dog person I think you’ll love these for what they’re intended to be — a show of that happy unconditional bond. If you’re not a dog person, like me, they probably bring up all the gross feels because — well, tongue — and I don’t even like kissing people.

Either way these hit you — they are pretty amazing images so have a look!


He seems to be a little hesitant about the tongue touch, but the dog goes right for it.


There is no hesitation on either party’s part here — they both just go straight for the sloppy kiss.


These two look like a real fun pair and while the pup seems a little camera shy, they look adorably happy.


A little puppy — SQUEE. The licking of the teeth — not for me.

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All photos © Chris Sembrot Photography. Shared with permission.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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