Dogs in Jail: Inmates and Rescue Pups Rehabilitate Each Other

Dogs in Jail: Dogs and Inmates Helping Each Other

At Wisconsin’s McNaughton Correctional Center in Lake Tomahawk, one of the details inmates may find themselves on is training rescue dogs for potential adoptionCNN reports that institutions with programs like the one at McNaughton see inmate violence decrease while the likelihood of the animal being adopted goes up. It also reportedly helps ease depression and anxiety amongst inmates to have the pups around.

(Do yourself a favor, don’t google dogs in jail, just go with me on this.)

According to Star Journal Now

The program works in six to eight week shifts. All of the dogs selected need some TLC, more socialization skills or basic training manners. Two inmates are selected as a canine’s primary trainers. The dog stays in their room throughout the program but receives plenty of attention from other inmates as well. “Many of the guys here work off campus at different jobs so when they are gone we have walkers that take the dogs out during the day,” said Brad. “They jog with them or just play. It gives the dogs more exposure to different people and is good for their socialization skills.”

There are also inmate and dog programs such as the Puppies Behind Bars program that teaches inmates how to train dogs to become service animals and explosive-detecting canines. It’s amazing what a little puppy love can do.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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