Dogs on Surfboards & Breaking Records at the 7th Annual Loews Dog Surfing Competition

Only in California, right? This month marked the 7th Annual Loews Dog Surfing Competition which was held at Dunes Park Beach in Imperial Beach, California on June 16th. Dogs from all around came together to compete in 4 different heats — for surfing!

The event drew over 50 competitive dogs who were broken up into Small Dogs, Large Dogs, Tandem and the Ultimate Champion Round. Thousands of spectators from all over the country watched each dog take their 10 minute turn to catch the waves.

This event also broke into the Guinness Book of World Records for “the most amount of dogs surfing on one board at one time.” The money raised from this competition went to help support the The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Click through to see some photos of the dog surfing competition:

  • 7th Annual 1 of 8
    7th Annual
    Not only did the spectators get to see dogs on surfboards, but this pretty awesome sand castle!
  • 5 Dogs and a Human 2 of 8
    5 Dogs and a Human
    All these dogs in life jackets attempt to catch a wave on one board
  • Large Dog 3 of 8
    Large Dog
    Solo surfer, this brave dog competed in the 'large dog' category.
  • Caught a Wave! 4 of 8
    Caught a Wave!
    How cute, right? This guy has caught a wave and now he just needs to hold on.
  • Falling Off! 5 of 8
    Falling Off!
    A cute and brave dog falling off his surf board after catching a wave.
  • World Record! 6 of 8
    World Record!
    All these dogs (+ one human) on a surf board at the same time got them into the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • World Record 7 of 8
    World Record
    They all pose for a photo for the proud moment!
  • Drying Off 8 of 8
    Drying Off
    One of the dogs drying off on their 'champion' towel.

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