Don’t Tick Off The Talking Cat (Video)

I heard a noise coming from the basement last night that creeped me out a bit. It was just before 11 p.m., and I was wrapping up last minute things before heading upstairs to bed. The house was quiet. The TV was on but at a very low volume. Mostly all that could be heard was the puttering filters from the fish and turtle tanks because the kids were up in bed and the dogs were fast asleep.

It was a low whine I guess, or maybe even a growl. It startled me, and I quietly got up and peered down the basement stairs to see my black cat, Baby, making some sort of really odd noise. I still have no idea what she was doing. Our other two cats, Cloe and Lily were asleep, but Baby was wandering about the house. She was spayed many years ago and never wanders around growling, so I’m not sure what she was searching for last night.

Then this morning, I saw a video that shows a ticked off looking cat making a similar noise. It seems that this cat is just not happy with the other kitty in the room, and it made me wonder if Baby had a kitty fight with her sister cats or if she was just in a bad mood. I mean, we all have those days!.

In any case, should you come across an eery sound emitting from your precious kitty, whatever you do, don’t tick off the talking cat. You just may get a mouthful.

Watch here:


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