Downing Street Denies Problem With Catfights (The Kind With Actual Cats)

Obviously, this is what British cats *should* be doing.

You know how it’s so awkward when your cat keeps beating up the neighbor’s cat? It’s even more awkward when your neighbor is the British Prime Minister. And he’s your boss.

Yes, it turns out that the Prime Minister’s cat and the cat of the British Chancellor of the Exchequer have been getting into, well, catfights. One such fight was captured on camera and shared ’round the world on Twitter. The photo shows Prime Minister David Cameron’s cat Larry taking a nasty left hook from Chancellor George Osborne’s cat Freya.

This isn’t the only controversy surrounding these two kitties, reports the BBC.

Larry, who was adopted from a shelter after a large rat was seen scampering past No. 10 during a live television broadcast, may not be up to the task, some think. Apparently he’s been seen repeatedly napping on the job, and it’s said that Freya has has had to step up as Mouser of State, patrolling the buildings at 10, 11, and 12 Downing Street. (No. 12 Downing is the office of the Prime Minister’s Press Office and Strategic Communication Unit, and Research and Information Unit.)

Freya, who at one point went missing and was found again after a two-year jaunt through the streets of London, is considered to be much tougher and more street-wise than Larry, reports The Daily Mail“Sources claim Larry will be completely sidelined and have described the new arrangement as a ‘job share’ to avoid any hurt feelings,” The Daily Mail said.

Perhaps now Freya has simply had enough of picking up Larry’s slack. The Political Pictures photo shows Freya smacking Larry away, while he raises his right paw in what could be placatory fashion.

Larry came to Downing Street from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in February last year after

Freya went missing from the Osborne’s old home in Notting Hill, west London, for two years, her owners being identified when a vet found the details on a microchip. They were reunited last year.

Perhaps hardened by her time on the road, Freya has been drafted in for pest control duties, in an arrangement described by the Daily Mail as a “job-share to avoid hurting Larry’s feelings”.

The Prime Minister’s spokeswoman insisted the two tabbies were able to “co-exist,” adding that she would not “get into commenting on the adventures of our feline friends,” reports the BBC.

Photo agency Political Pictures insists the feud is the real deal, tweeting today: “Downing Street denies Cameron and Osborne cat feud, Just for the record they were not playing I broke up the fight.”

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