Duck Invites Himself To Doggie Dinner (Video)

 Duck Invites Himself To Doggie Dinner (Video) via Babble
Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Mixing animals with other animal species, and even children make interesting and pretty adorable combinations. Just this month, we’ve covered babies and puppies, kittens and kiddies, and even dogs and cat love stories … but this might be a new animal combo.

It’s a dog and duck pairing.

Sure, ducks and dogs have been together before, but have you ever seen a duck invite himself to a doggie dinner party? And then chomp down on puppy chow?

This feisty duck has in inking that what these pups are chowing down on might be tasty, so he comes over to inspect. Before you know it, he has not only invited himself to this doggie dinner, but has ever-so-rudely decided to take food right from this very patient pup’s bowl. The dog doesn’t seem to mind and shares his loot with the bold duck.

Watch this funny video here: 

Image: YouTube


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