Super Cute Pugs Dress Up For Easter!

Okay, confession time… I have a serious soft spot for doggy outfits and costumes. My dog LOVES getting dressed up, believe it or not. If I hold up one of his sweaters or coats (it gets chilly in Ontario!) he dives right in, head first, with his little bum wiggling behind him. So far, I haven’t tried any hats on him, but something tells me he’d look rather fetching in a pair of these bunny ears!

Click through for more pugs sporting their Easter best!

Perhaps your pup would like to pretend he’s a little lamb?

Or maybe he’s more of a chick magnet?

Or how about a floppy eared bunny?

These cute little faces have me grinning ear to ear — adorable! I half suspect that putting anything atop my Boston’s head would result in him burying his face in blankets until he slipped free, but the photo ops alone would be worth it!

Have you ever dressed your dog up for a holiday?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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