Eat The Wind: 25 Supercool Dogs In Cars

what up dog.

Dogs and cars just go together.

Let’s admit that little nugget right here, right now.

There’s something special about dogs in cars, an electrical charge that shoots off of them when they know they are going for a ride. It’s as if they’ve been waiting since the dawn of time for you to say, “Go on, hop in.”

Their eyes glitter. Their tongues drip.

Soon, they will be hanging their heads out the window for all the world to see.

And soon they will  be breathing in that wonderful fast rushing wind that bursts across their happy faces as they’re hanging out the side of your ride.

Excited dogs offer us a glimpse at what life is really about. Or at least what it should be about. Watching them soak up the sunshine and the sky/watching them watching people and other cars and other dogs stuck in yards and on leashes along the streets we travel, we are witness to the joy of freedom. Because for a while there, as long as you keep the pedal to the metal, our dogs feel as free and alive as anything, or anyone, who has ever lived.

So get you a car, some sunshine, an open road, a little wind, and your best friend hanging out the window ASAP, my friend.

Now, you’re livin’.

Both of ya.

  • Eat The Wind 1 of 25
    Eat The Wind
    There is something special about watching a dog take huge gulps of air while hanging out a moving car.
  • Watching The World Go By 2 of 25
    Watching The World Go By
    But sometimes the magic lies in seeing a dog see, in catching them entranced by the world whipping by.
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  • Freedom Face 3 of 25
    Freedom Face
    Sunshine, open road, and my best friends in the world right here with is good.
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  • The Double Take Kid 4 of 25
    The Double Take Kid
    This fella has his own custom perch on the highway. And chances are that when he zips on by, people nearly crash because they're checking him out so much.
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  • Any Of You Fine Fine Ladies Need A Ride? 5 of 25
    Any Of You Fine Fine Ladies Need A Ride?
    Some dogs that ride in cars are just cooler than any humans can ever be. This guy pretty much does what he wants, when he wants. And rightfully so.
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  • The Forever Riders 6 of 25
    The Forever Riders
    Dogs have always loved cars and riding in them, or even on top of 'em, ever since the very beginning. This old boy is long gone now, but you can bet that somewhere out there: some great great great grandson of his is hanging out a moving vehicle, keeping the old spirit alive.
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  • I Love That Cool Cool Breeze! 7 of 25
    I Love That Cool Cool Breeze!
    When a dog is hanging out the window and his lips are flapping all over the place and his gums are getting a massage by 80mph gusts, it's such a beautiful thing.
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  • TAXI! 8 of 25
    Sometimes, even man's best friend has to hitch a ride in a cab. This guy is obviously really digging the Off-Broadway scene. "Hey, there's Anthony Bourdain crossing the street!"
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  • Rough Riders 9 of 25
    Rough Riders
    There are times when you can beep your horn at another driver, maybe give him the big "Whadya Doing" shrug and know that you are gonna live to see another day. This time is not one of those times.
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  • I Can Smell The World From Here 10 of 25
    I Can Smell The World From Here
    Most dogs are really great smellers, right? So imagine what a trip it must be for them to smell all the things that come rushing into their face when they're hanging out of their fast ride.
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  • Snaggletooth 11 of 25
    This is my guy, Max. He is the sweetest guy on Earth. But I love to watch him when we're driving. With a face full of wind he transforms into a menacing looking Cujo wannabe.
  • Passing Face 12 of 25
    Passing Face
    I love seeing dogs ride on by, too. They might bark at you or they might just show you that they're having way more fun than you, but it's always a pretty cool few moments, just watching them loving their ride.
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  • Excitable Boy 13 of 25
    Excitable Boy
    Many dogs don't need to be hung out the window to get giddy. A lot of them are just as happy to be tucked into their little assigned area. This fellow is obviously just delighted to be along for the trip.
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  • The Road Pros 14 of 25
    The Road Pros
    I guess some dogs know what they need to do,or wear, to have themselves a trouble-free excellent drive. These two have had enough of gnats in the eye.
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  • Waiting For Your Return 15 of 25
    Waiting For Your Return
    Love is sometimes a hard thing to see. But if you happen to pass a parked car with a dog or two in it, waiting anxiously for their master to come back out from the store or wherever....well, then you are looking at love, huh?
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  • What’s This Do? 16 of 25
    What's This Do?
    I guess there are a few dogs who aren't content to just enjoy a car ride. Some of them want to know how that vehicle is moving around to begin this little dude.
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  • So Much To See, So Little Time 17 of 25
    So Much To See, So Little Time
    I like when dogs are staring out the car window so hard that they just go into a zone, watching life go by with intense curiosity.
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  • Spellbound 18 of 25
    Oh man! I CANNOT stop staring at these fuzzy dice!
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  • No One Rides For Free 19 of 25
    No One Rides For Free
    Hey, some doggies have to earn the rides they love, so they are assigned a little work out there on the street. This guy's assignment? Look cool and just hang out that window right there. Not bad for a day's work.
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  • Clarke Grisdog 20 of 25
    Clarke Grisdog
    'Look kids! Big Ben! Parliament!'
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  • Picture Perfect 21 of 25
    Picture Perfect
    Of course, one of the greatest things about a dog in a car is the variety of fantastic photo-ops he or she presents. This pup looks like he's going shopping at the market.
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  • My Space 22 of 25
    My Space
    Yo, you get to do all the driving and I don't complain. So, let me have my fluffy blue towel and my three feet of backseat okay? Also, are we doing Mickey D's, man? I'm starving!
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  • Is It Weird For You If I Sit Here? 23 of 25
    Is It Weird For You If I Sit Here?
    Some dogs aren't necessarily gum-flapping wind-eaters and that's just fine. This old boy prefers to have a slightly more eccentric view when he's in the car.
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  • Please Don’t Make Me Please 24 of 25
    Please Don't Make Me Please
    I get sad when I see dogs that don't want to ride in cars. But I totally understand. It can be a pretty traumatic trip for a little pup, all that wild noise and movement and vibration.
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  • When Can We Go Again? 25 of 25
    When Can We Go Again?
    But, in the end, for the dogs that have a taste for riding in cars, the excitement never fades. And the longing never slips away. They wait for the next ride/ for that next chance to be by your side with the windows all down, the wind blowing in, the promise of sweet sweet freedom lying just around the very next bend.
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