Emotional Lab Howls To An Adele Song (Video)

Emotional Lab Howls To Adele Song (Video)If you’re a fan of Saturday Night Live, you might recall a skit from last year in which members of an office listened to an Adele song and one by one began to cry until they were just one big hysterical bunch. Such is the power of Adele’s voice.

When this owner known as Superdatsun on YouTube rescued his dog Rev, he began to sing him a song, which Rev began to identify with greatly. This emotional lab howls to an Adele song.

Superdatsun loaded a video of what Rev does when he hears the song (even from his sleep) and wrote this:

“Rev’s song, I’ve sang this to him since he was a pup… his response to it is pretty adorable.”

Rev’s haunting howls let us all know just how much that song means to him, and it’s both heart-wrenching and beautiful.

The video has gone viral after only being up for a few days. As a rescue, Superdatsun implores those who watch it to consider adopting a rescue if they want an affectionate Rev of their own. He writes:

“If you want your own Rev, please consider rescuing a dog. Even temporarily fostering a dog can make a huge difference. If you are in Colorado, see If you’re not in Colorado, there are plenty of rescues all over the U.S. that are in desperate need of loving fosters.”

Watch the adorable video here.

Image: YouTube


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