English Bulldog Hitches A Ride On A Power Wheels (Video)

English Bulldog Hitches A Ride On A Power Wheels (Video)Whew, this summer is sure shaping up to be a hot one.  In most parts of the country, and especially here in New York City, last week’s hot and humid temperatures were enough to drive any human or animal mad. Even dogs that normally love spending time outside did not want to walk much at the height of the heatwave. I can’t blame them.

We tried to keep our pups cool with kiddie pool when they weren’t lounging around in an air-conditioned room with fans pointed at them. I had to call them repeatedly to go out and make their daily potty visits in the yard.

Some breeds, like bulldogs, do not tolerate the hot weather as well as others, so it is a smart pup that knows when he can avoid a hot, steamy walk. This English bulldog may be among the shrewdest and most clever dog around.

Rather than walk, this smart dog hitches a ride on the nearest available vehicle. Watch as this English Bulldog drives a power wheels.

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Image: YouTube

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