Faithful Cat Visits His Owner’s Grave Every Day

Faithful Cat Visits Owner's Grave Every DayToldo, a cat in Italy, misses his owner so much that he visits him every day at his grave and brings him small gifts.  I was pleased to hear that these gifts were things like leaves, twigs, and paper towels.  I was worried it was going to be something like mice or squirrels, which are kind of yucky gifts. While I was thinking how sweet Toldo was, it did occur to me that my husband, who has opposable thumbs, money, and doesn’t have to travel anywhere to see me, doesn’t bring me gifts every day. So essentially, my husband is being shown up by a cat.

Even though there are people who shoo Toldo away, he persists in returning every day. While Toldo is known for his visits to his owner, who had him since he was kitten, he is not the first cat to hang out in a cemetery. The Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a well-known magnet for cats, but there are others as well.  Click below to see some cats who look right at home in a cemetery.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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