Fashion Fowl: Awesome Fashion Finds for Your Pet Chickens, Ducks, and Geese

Awesome Fashion Finds for Your Pet Chickens, Ducks, and Geese (via Babble Pets)Raising backyard chickens has become an increasingly popular activity, and now some of those chickens aren’t just there to produce eggs. More and more, we’re seeing pet chickens.

Although exact numbers of pet chickens are hard to come by, the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that nearly one percent of households in four major urban centers–Denver, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City–had chickens. All this chicken ownership has led to a boomlet of chicken-related specialty businesses, noted NPR recently. Sure, you can get chicken feed at any farm store, but what if you want gourmet chicken treats? Or, more importantly, what if your chicken needs a diaper because it makes a mess in your living room? And what if your chicken has big social plans and needs a dress?

Well, then you turn to the Internet, which I’ve scoured to bring you the best fashion accessories for your pet poultry. In some cases, the items seemed practical: tiny calico “saddles” protect hens’ feathers from aggressive roosters during mating. In other cases, the items seemed genuinely hilarious: leash-ready diapers, for taking your pet chicken out for a stroll (while keeping things tidy).

And then there are chicken tutus, which are just awesome. Check out my picks:

  • In related news, this is why I love the Internet. 1 of 14

    Click the arrows to scroll through some of the most amazing, hilarious, and yes--practical--fashion looks for your pet chickens, ducks, and geese. 

  • Classic Chicken Tutu 2 of 14

    Jeni Harvey's classic tutu for chickens is perfect for the playful, yet elegant chicken in your life.

    Available from Jeni Harvey Designs in custom sizing, $12-$20 depending on size.

  • Whimsical Chicken Tutu 3 of 14

    Ideal for the sassy bird: this whimsical tutu has an angled skirt and multiple-length tufts. 

    Available from Jeni Harvey Designs in custom sizing, $12-$20 depending on size.

  • Cloth Chicken Diapers 4 of 14

    These cloth diapers for chickens come in a variety of patterns and in sizes for every breed. 

    Available from My Pet Chicken, $28.

  • Leash-Ready Chicken Diaper 5 of 14

    Perfect for avoiding messes while you're out strolling, this leash-ready diaper is available in a variety of charming calico prints. 

    Available from My Pet Chicken, $28.

  • Intermediate Grow-With-Me Harness 6 of 14

    This is considered a "temporary" or "intermediate" diaper harness for ducks, suitable for short-term use for injured fowl, those who will only need to wear a harness a few times, or as a "test" harness to see whether your duck will tolerate wearing such a thing. It is, however, gold lamé. This duckling looks intrigued.

    Available from PartyFowl, $12.

  • Made-to-Order Open-Tail Diaper Harness 7 of 14

    For the adult duck who is ready to happily waddle around on a leash for realz, upgrade to a custom-made diaper harness. It includes a space to insert half a disposable baby diaper, and a D-ring to attach a leash.

    Available from PartyFowl in custom sizes and in astounding array of color and pattern choices, $35.

  • Bow Tie Bib 8 of 14

    This guy looks dapper enough to escort a duck wearing a tutu. 

    Available from PartyFowl, $15.

  • Cozy Chicken Saddle 9 of 14

     Chicken saddles aren't for little tiny cowboys. They protect a hen's feathers from being ripped out by frisky roosters (ouch). 

    Available from Ivy Lane Homestead in a variety of adorable prints, $8.

  • Chicken Sweaters 10 of 14

    Besides being adorable, chicken sweaters can be useful to protect chickens whose feathers are molting during cold, snowy days.

    In related news, I no longer aspire to being a crazy chicken lady when I retire. Now I want to be a crazy chicken lady. I want to have chickens and knit them all little sweaters, whether it's snowing or not.

    Available in custom sizing and colors from Pamela Todd, $14.

  • Hen Sweater 11 of 14

     Another stylish option for the chic chicken, sweaters protect chickens from the cold, but also can substitute for saddles and protect a hen's back feathers.

    Available in custom sizing and custom colors from Klucky Kitty Creations, $15.

  • Chicken Dress and Diaper Sets 12 of 14

    Beautifully hand-crafted dresses for hens include ruffled edges, and can be purchased with matching diapers for a finished look. Adorable and also protect the hen's feathers! Tailcoats, bow ties, and other rooster attire are also available.

    (Available from Pampered Poultry in a variety of sizes, prints, and styles; $10.50 for dress; $21.95 for dress/diaper set.)

  • Batik-Print Chicken Diaper 13 of 14

    If farm and calico prints aren't your hen's thing, check out the batik prints and other fashion-forward choices at Pampered Poultry. 

    (Available from Pampered Poultry in a variety of sizes and color options, $12.50 each or $11.00 each when you order four or more.)

  • OHMYGAH Look At This Hat 14 of 14

    Okay, this bonnet isn't actually for sale, but I had to show you anyway, because GOOSE WEARING BONNET. It was made by Julie Baker of Pampered Poultry. Looooooook at it.

    (Photo Credit: Facebook/Pampered Poultry)

But wait, there’s more. Here’s a quick video from Pampered Poultry on how to diaper a chicken!


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