Feeling Nautical? Dogs Set Sail For Summer Fashion

71O3ry-BhGL._SL1080_Look, I have a teacup chihuahua (total accident, she found us) so I totally understand that there is an actual purpose for canine apparel. In the dead of winter, here in Los Angeles no less, poor Stinkerbell shivers to the bone if we don’t wrap her in her best snowflake sweater. (It’s adorable.) However…HOWEVER I’m not convinced that there is any reason ever to subject your dog to these fashion faux paus (or should I say faux paws…punny, no?) despite their being totally hilarious.

So without further adieu, Ahoy. Sailors say that  … right? Whatever. These dogs look ridiculous.

  • Sailorman’s Girlfriend 1 of 8

    No, that's really what this little number (complete with petticoat) is called. I think she's supposed to be Olive Oil? Includes red boots. Also: WHY? {via Anit Accessories}

  • Navy Boy 2 of 8

    I mean, it's less offensive than Sailorman's Girlfriend, and I might even call it cute. Maybe it's meant to keep the salty sea air off his coat? But then what's with his hair bow? {via Anima}

  • Sassy Pants 3 of 8

    This one didn't have a name, so I took it upon myself to give it one. And yes, I know that's not a real dog, but the point is it is INTENDED to be worn by a real dog. A super fierce one. {via Alfie Couture}

  • My Life, My Love, and My Lady Is the Sea 4 of 8

    Oh, Brandy, such a fine girl. No detail went un-thought of on this fancy number. {via Anima}

  • Arrrrrrrrr 5 of 8

    I feel for this guy. I really do. {via Alfie Couture}

  • Fantastic Fourth 6 of 8

    No one, and I do mean NO ONE is going to look more patriotic this fourth of July than your little Fifi. {via Klippo Pet}

  • Just A Touch 7 of 8

    Looking for a more subtle Nautical nod? Try this faux patent leather sailor collar from Pet Products.

  • The Full Monty 8 of 8

    The hat is kind of the worst part. Or the best. I'm so conflicted. {via Anit Accessories}


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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