First Time Mama Dolphin Gives Birth in Amazing Underwater Video

First Time Mama Dolphin Gives Birth in Amazing Underwater Video
Keo is one proud mama.

My dog Django does a little love tap with her nose. It can be anytime of the day and it’s a little nudge with the tip of her nose on my leg or arm or hand that just says, “I see you, I love you.”

I was reminded of this love tap today when I watched one of the best Internet videos of the past week that shows a mama dolphin giving birth to a baby.

Through amazing underwater photography, we get a close-up look at first-time mother dolphin, 12-year-old Keo, in her last stages of labor throughout the actual birth at Dolphin Quest Hawaii at the Hilton Waikoloa Village.

When the video begins, the baby’s tail is already out and the mother is sort of stationary for a few moments. Once she takes off swimming gain, swiveling her dolphin hips back and forth, you can tell she means business. (Remember when you reached that point in labor where you just had to get that baby out!!!?) A few side -to-side pivots and the baby emerges.

The most tender part of the video is when the baby starts immediately swimming and the mama gives it a quiet, quick love nudge, as if to say, “You’re here! I see you and I love you!”

Watch the video below:


Image: YouTube


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