'Frank and Louie' Sets World Record As Longest-Surviving Two-Faced Cat

It’s quite the week for two-faced cats, apparently. We brought you Venus, the chimera cat with distinct half-and-half markings, earlier this week. And today the Associated Press says that Frank and Louie, a cat with two actual faces, has entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest-surviving Janus cat.

Frank and Louie (two names, one cat) has the rare congenital disorder of craniofacial duplication, or diprosopus. Cats with this condition are called Janus cats after the two-faced Roman god. Frank and Louie has two noses, two mouths, and three eyes.

Frank and Louie, a blue-eyed rag doll cat, wasn’t given very good odds to survive when his breeder took him to the veterinarian to be euthanized shortly after the cat was born. Veterinary tech Marty Stevens decided to adopt the cat.

“Every day is kind of a blessing; being 12 and normal life expectancy when they have this condition is one to four days,” Ms. Stevens told the Associated Press. “So, he’s ahead of the game; every day I just thank God I still have him.”

“It’s funny because people walk up to him thinking it’s a nice, fluffy white cat and they’re walking up with a big smile on their face to pat him, like, ‘Oh, what a beautiful cat’ and I see a look of horror come over their faces when they actually see his face,” Ms. Stevens said, laughing.

A YouTube video from 2011 shows Frank and Louie to be a playful, happy kitty.


(Photo Credit: YouTube)

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