Fun With Kitties: Top 10 Best Catbeards

Fun With Kitties: Top 10 Best CatbeardsTaking undignified photos of cats is always hilarious. There’s just no getting around that. And the latest trend in being undignified with your cat is making the underside of your cat’s face look like your beard, which is also known as a “catbeard.” (The verb form, obviously, is “catbearding.”)

This presents lots of new accessorizing options and fashion options, including the “Dumbledore” and the “Santa.”

There’s really no other way of explaining that, unless I just show you the photos, so here you go: my picks for the top ten best catbeards out there right now!


  • The Top 10 Best Catbeards 1 of 12
    Fun With Kitties: Top 10 Funniest Catbeards

    Click the arrows to scroll through our picks for the top 10 funniest pics from this Internet trend!

  • The Hipster Catbeard 2 of 12
    Catbeards Are Ridiculous Fun (Photos, via Babble Pets)

    Classic catbeard, with hipster glasses. Is that some kind of groovy Pier 1 wall hanging in the back there? Perfect.

    (Photo Credit: Know Your Meme)

  • The Dumbledore Catbeard 3 of 12
    Catbeards Are Fun and Ridiculous (Photos, via Babble Pets)

    If you have a cat with a white-colored belly, try to position your cat so that your beard is long and Dumbledore-ish. Bonus points for looking like Janel Moloney from West Wing. Look! It's Donna Moss with a catbeard!

    (Photo Credit: Know Your Meme)

  • The Demon Catbeard, With Optional Moustache Accessory 4 of 12
    Catbreads: Fun and Ridiculous (Photos, via Babble Pets)

    Depending on your cat's demeanor, this pose may only be suitable for declawed demon cats.

    (Photo Credit: Reddit/whydontyoulovemerossperot, via Mashable)

  • The Surprised Catbeard 5 of 12
    Catbeards: Fun and Ridiculous (Photos, via Babble Pets)

    Excellent tip: widen your eyes as much as possible for an extra-alarming catbeard.

    (Photo Credit: Reddit/whydontyoulovemerossperot, via Mashable)

  • The Tone-on-Tone Catbeard 6 of 12
    Catbeards: Fun and Ridiculous (Photos, via Babble Pets)

    It's nice when your cat's fur matches your hair. Also, note the excellent use of the wide-eyed look here. It really adds to the crazy.

    (Photo Credit: 123 Inspiration)

  • The Hipster PLUS (TM) Catbeard 7 of 12
    Fun With Kitties: Top 10 Best Catbeards (Photos, via Babble Pets)

    Here we have a catbeard featuring geek chic glasses, and a knit cap. Plus, look how the ears look like sideburns! Well played, Madam. Well played.

    (Photo Credit: Reddit/Youre_awesome_so_I)

  • The Ginger Catbeard 8 of 12
    Catbeards: Fun and Ridiculous (Photos, via Babble)

    This is perfection. I love how it walks the fine line between "sexy librarian" and "crazy cat lady,"  which is generally the look I'm going for, too. In related news, I really want those glasses.

    (Photo Credit: Instagram/Jen Hardiman)

  • The Happy Catbeard 9 of 12
    Catbeards: Fun and  Ridiculous (Photos, via Babble)

    This one earns points for expressing happiness. So many of the catbeards out there seem pretty down.

    (Photo Credit: Offbeat Enough)

  • The Scary Catbeard 10 of 12
    Catbeards: Fun and Ridiculous

    This is either a yawning cat or a really pissed-off ferret. Not sure.

    (Photo Credit: We Know Memes)

  • The Cat Catbeard 11 of 12
    Catbeards: Fun and Ridiculous (Photos, via Babble Pets)

    The fact that the black cat is somewhat cross-eyed really makes this photo. I'd try this with my two cats, but they hate each other.

    (Photo Credit: Cheezburger)

  • Catbearding vs. Catbreading 12 of 12
    Catbearding vs. Catbreading: So Confusing (via Babble Pets)

    I know: Internet memes can be so confusing! Pro tip: Always double-check the spelling of your memes. Remember, catbearding is not the same thing as catbreading. Personally, I loved catbreading, but it wasn't really in my family's food budget. We go through like a loaf of bread a day as it is. Catbearding is way more economical.

    (Photo Credit: iStockphoto)

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