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Does your dog take a seat at the table with you?

Our Lab mix, Django likes to be with us. It’s usually not a problem (although it might be when back-to-school hits in a few days).  When we are in the living room, she’ll jump up next to one of us and snuggle. At night she sleeps mostly in our bed, or sometimes in one of the kids’ beds. When we hang out in the yard, she’s there, too. She is our fourth child. Basically wherever we go, she goes. But when we are eating in the kitchen, she really has no where to go.

Up until a few weeks ago, she’d try to find a spot on the floor but our kitchen is small and when I’m cooking and the kids are in and out, there’s not a lot of free space for her. So I guess out of (her) necessity, she has begun to take a seat at the table…literally.

I noticed a couple of months ago that she was trying to get all of her body up on one of the kitchen chairs and stay there, without her hind legs or tail dropping down causing her to fall off. It was a sight to behold for sure and I called in my kids and husband to come see what she was doing. Now, she is a pro. But when one of us gets up from the table to get an extra fork or drink, she takes our seat!

I started wondering if other big dogs do this, because it’s one thing when a small dog will jump up and rest on a chair but a whole other experience when a big sloppy pup is trying to sit comfortably on a straight back chair. Do they think they’re human or just want to be close to us? I found out Django is not alone…

Click through these photos to see fellow (some oversized) chairs stealers!

  • What’s good for the goose…. 1 of 11
    What's good for the goose....
    When you are waiting for a table, do YOU lay down on the concrete outside the restaurant? I thought so.
    Image: Flickr/ alexiperplexy
  • Ladies Who Lunch 2 of 11
    Ladies Who Lunch
    Don't laugh, isn't this how you lunch with friends?
    Image: Tumblr/ lady lucifette
  • Yard Duty 3 of 11
    Yard Duty
    Laying on the grass is for amateurs.
    Image: Flickr/ RolandGauthier
  • For my health… 4 of 11
    For my health...
    It's called posture training and it help my back!
    Image: Flickr/ Comeseemyworld
  • Django 5 of 11
    Django clearly thinks she's human. She is nothing more than a pushy NYC subway rider when it comes to getting a seat in the kitchen.
    Image: D. Sullivan
  • I’m helping you! 6 of 11
    I'm helping you!
    No grass, no fleas. Would YOU want to roll around like a dog in the yard?
    Image: Flickr/ Une Tragedie Belle
  • Floors are clearly for peasants. 7 of 11
    Floors are clearly for peasants.
    We might not be royalty, but look at how incredible we look?
    Image: Flickr/ Tmcpics
  • Look on the bright side… 8 of 11
    Look on the bright side...
    At least I'm not stealing from the table!
    Image: Flickr/ lolie jane
  • Shopping 9 of 11
    is doggone tiring.
    Image: Flickr/ MyCatRanch
  • C’mon… 10 of 11
    I look so adorable that you couldn't possibly chase me off this chair.
    Image: Flickr/ venetia 27
  • Nothing new… 11 of 11
    Nothing new...
    Get with it, us pups have been doing this for ages.
    Image: Flickr/ Crackdog

And speaking of chairs, check out this adorable slideshow of Eastwooding pets!


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