Funny: True Facts About The Owl [Video]

So you think owls are super cute, right? I mean, LOOK AT THIS OWL:


Aww, disgruntled wet owlet! ADORBS.

But owls are much more than the cuddly-looking puffballs with giant, bulging eyes commonly featured in children’s stories like Winnie The Pooh and Mrs. Frisby. They’re hardcore predators built for stealth — silent, winged killing machines who tear apart their prey and swallow them bones and all. Want proof? Watch this hilarious (but informative!) video from Ze Frank, and have your whole owl perspective adjusted:

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Yes, RLY. Owls are cool, but DEADLY. Tell your friends. And watch the skies.

Image sources: Tumblr, Know Your Meme

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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