Funny, You Don’t Look Jewish: 16 Pets Celebrating Chanukah

Funny, You Don't Look Jewish: 16 Pets Celebrating ChanukahJust like when Adam Sandler wrote the Chaunkah Song for all the Jewish kids who felt bad they didn’t have any music for their holiday, I have put together a slide show of pets celebrating Chanukah. The Internet is filled with pictures of animals with Christmas lights or dressed as Santa. Our Jewish pets are probably feeling left out. So, go grab your pet and bring him over to the computer so he can see there are plenty of animals just like him. And for all of you Christmas-celebrators out there, you should still show your pet these pictures as kind of a multi-cultural lesson in diversity.

Click on the slide show below to kick off the Festival of Lights, aka Chanukah.

  • Chanukat 1 of 16
    This cat doesn't seem quite in the Chanukah spirit. Maybe a nice game of dreidel will cheer him up.

    Photo Credit - Hello There Cutie!
  • Menorrah Hat Dog 2 of 16
    Menorrah Hat Dog
    This dog looks like he might be friends with the grumpy cat. He doesn't seem very happy to be wearing the menorrah hat. Perhaps a few latkes will lift his mood.

    Photo Credit - Planck's Constant
  • Jewish Guinea Pig 3 of 16
    Jewish Guinea Pig
    I bet when this guy's friends get his Chankah card, they'll be saying "I didn't even know there were Jewish guinea pigs. Go figure."

    Photo Credit - Hyper Vocal
  • Fabulous and Furry 4 of 16
    Fabulous and Furry
    This cat is celebrating Chanukah in style. I wouldn't get too close to the lit menorrah though with all that tulle.

    Photo Credit - Realms - Crafting, The Arts and Life in General
  • Doggy Decor 5 of 16
    Doggy Decor
    Your dog could use this as his own personal menorrah.

    Photo Credit - InventorSpot
  • Dreidel Dog 6 of 16
    Dreidel Dog
    You can see by the look in this dog's eyes that he'e wondering what he ever did to deserve being photographed in a felt dreidel hat. He thought he had always been a good dog.

    Photo Credit - Juadicant
  • Dreidel Hamster 7 of 16
    Dreidel Hamster
    Little Known Chanukah Fact: Although there are very few Orthodox hamsters, they have made millions hustling the dreidel playing circuit.

    Photo Credit - Non Sequiter
  • Cat Menorrah 8 of 16
    Cat Menorrah
    While not as cuddly as a real cat, this cat menorrah is not likely to try to steal your dreidel and ruin all the Chanukah game playing fun.

    Photo Credit -
  • Bark the Blessings 9 of 16
    Bark the Blessings
    This dog is looking at his agent in disbelief. He told them that he only knew the blessings over the candles in Bark or Howl, not in Hebrew, and now they are asking him to say them in Hebrew. I bet that agent gets fired.

    Photo Credit - iStock Photo
  • Scary Chanukah Dog 10 of 16
    Scary Chanukah Dog
    This dog looks like a mix of Prince and a zombie werewolf, neither of whom I bet even celebrate Chanukah.

    Photo Credit - iStock Photo
  • Fire Hazzard 11 of 16
    Fire Hazzard
    Guinea Pigs are a little skittish, I don't think it's good that this one is so close to the lit candles.

    Photo Credit - Guinea Pig Today
  • Chanukah Cronies 12 of 16
    Chanukah Cronies
    The dog on the right is a little sad that he too does not have a beautiful yarmulke. He always knew the tall ear thing was going to come back to haunt him.

    Photo Credit - Frugal Cafe Blog Zone
  • Owner’s Last Chanukah 13 of 16
    Owner's Last Chanukah
    This cat is saying, through non-verbal communication, that his owner better take the yarmulke off his head immediately if he hopes to live to see another Chanukah.

    Photo Credit - SFist
  • Scary Chanukah Cat 14 of 16
    Scary Chanukah Cat
    While this menorrah hat is kind of cute, I don't think this cat is amused to be wearing it. Or maybe he just seems that way because of his giant, staring, alien eyes and crazy rogue eyebrow.

    Photo Credit - Woodsterpen
  • Tutu Cat 15 of 16
    Tutu Cat
    This cute cat is totally ready to head out to a Chanukah party.

    Ensemble available thorugh Etsy from KOCouture - $85.
  • Party Pup 16 of 16
    Party Pup
    This cutie seems to be at a combo Chanukah-Mardi Gras party.

    Photo Credit - iStock Photo

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