Gangland Turtles Attack the Innocent

This is the head of the turtle gang. His street name is Snapper.



On the heels of my post Turtles are Tricky, there has been some breakthrough turtle news!  Apparently there are some rogue turtles going door to door infecting people with salmonella.  Now I know that “salmonella” sounds like it should be something fancy, like a salmon mousse or something.  But friends, let me tell you, it’s not!  Salmonella is very dangerous.  To learn more about  how salmonella is spread, you can check out this article, Pet Turtles Blamed For Salmonella Outbreakby Piper Weiss.



Salmon mousse is NOT the same as salmonella. Don't find out the hard way.

Now Weiss says that pets turtles are illegal, but that is not actually the case.  It is illegal to sell Box Turtles and it is illegal to sell reptiles with shells that are smaller than 4 inches.  It’s these tiny turtles that seem to be the problem in regard to this outbreak.  So, if you see a gang of mini turtles marching up your walkway, close and lock your door!  Don’t let them in!  They might look cute, but that’s how they lure you in.

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