Gay King Penguins Start Their Own Royal Family

Gay King Penguins Start Their Own Royal FamilyGay penguins are not something you usually hear about. At all. Ever. However, they’ve been in the news quite a bit recently, though it turns out this couple you see here is not even the first gay penguin couple; there’s one in China as well. Buzzfeed reported that this couple though, after a year together at the Odense Zoo in Denmark, became parents.

Prior to getting their own egg to incubate, this pair tried to steal an egg from another couple.  While I am sure egg stealing is frowned upon, zookeepers didn’t hold it against the two.  When a female penguin laid two eggs, but discarded one, the extra egg was given to the male couple.  Before giving the egg, however, zookeepers wanted to make sure the guys were up to the task of properly incubating the egg.  Previously they had tried to incubate a dead herring, so that seems fair enough.

Once the penguin pair proved they were up to the task (on an artifical egg and no I don’t know how the zookeepers could tell on a fake egg that penguins had done it right) they were given the real egg to incubate.  The King Penguin’s chick was born last month, but whether it’s a prince or princess will not be determined for about 8 months.

Click below to see pictures of the new family.  Also, I have included some other penguin pictures to illustrate that I really don’t know how you can be sure whether a penguin is male or female.  They all look the same to me.

  • Penguin Dads and Their Baby 1 of 7
    Penguin Dads and Their Baby
    The new baby looks like suede stuffed animal. So cute!

    Photo Credit - Odense Zoo, Denmark
  • Penguin Male and Female 2 of 7
    Penguin Male and Female
    This is a heterosexual couple. They look exactly like the homosexual couple, if you ask me. I bet they can't tell each other apart either.

    Photo Credit - iStock Photo
  • Happy Family 3 of 7
    Happy Family
    Again, suede baby and two penguins who look exactly like all the other penguin couples, but these are two males.
  • All Parents are the Same 4 of 7
    All Parents are the Same
    Penguin chick is either getting burped or one of his dads is whacking him on the back yelling at him to "Spit it out! Spit it out!"

    Photo Credit Odense Zoo, Denmark
  • Even the Penguins Aren’t Really Sure Who’s Who 5 of 7
    Even the Penguins Aren't Really Sure Who's Who
    FYI - boy, girl, boy, girl, boy. It's hard to tell who's a boy and who's a girl, so the penguins often get their name tattooed on their leg.

    Photo Credit - iStock Photo
  • It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane 6 of 7
    It's a Bird, it's a Plane
    Thousands of penguins and you can't tell at all who's male and who's female. All you can tell from this picture is the front one is looking up at something and all ones around him/her are sort of looking up and saying to each other, "I don't know what the heck he/she is looking at, because I don't see anything!"

    Photo Credit - iStock Photo
  • Male Penguin 7 of 7
    Male Penguin
    Now this penguin you can tell is a male! An ugly male, but still, you can tell.

    Photo Credit - Warner Brothers Movies

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