Goodbye to Sweet Rosie the Chihuahua

Goodbye to Sweet Rosie the ChihuahuaMany of you may remember the story of Rosie the Chihuahua. Last year, when Cinnamon Muhlbauer learned of an abandoned home in which backyard breeding and hoarding had taken place, she went there to see what she could do for the dogs that remained, and what she found was startling.

There were dogs all over being inbred and neglected. When she found Rosie, her level of mistreatment (and disfigurement) was hard to absorb. Cinnamon nursed little Rosie back to health while loving and supporting her all the way.

It is with a very heavy heart that we share the sad news that Rosie passed away yesterday.

Lisa Murphy (Rosie’s and Cinnamon’s friend and helper) shared the terrible news on the Everything Rosie Facebook page.

“Rosie developed pneumonia and because of her abnormal trachea, it progressed so quickly that I lost her at 9:28 pm tonight. She was in my arms and I was holding her tightly willing her to stay. I am devastated and destroyed. My whole world was that little girl and I don’t know how to carry on even though I have to for the sake of the other dogs in my home. I am going to have her cremated tomorrow. Eddie is in India and is devastated as well. I am not announcing this right now. I don’t even want to live without her let alone try to explain that to anyone else. I am lost without my girl.”

Rosie was such a special and loving spirit who was able to retain and loving and pure heart despite what she had been through. There are so many of us who loved her from afar. She brought joy to all those around her. Our prayers are with Cinnamon, her family, and everyone who helped care for Rosie, quite possibly the sweetest chihuahua ever.

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