Happy Cat is Happy in a Bath With Floaty Toys (Video)

Happy Cat Plays in the Tub with ToysI have something I need to get off my back. You know those adorable hairless cats like the Sphynx, Levkoy Cats or Peterbald breeds? Well, I find them absolutely irresistible. I would adopt one in a heartbeat.

It’s their larger-than-life sized eyes, their mean yet helpless look they have that made me fall in love. They have held a piece of my heart since I first learned that they were real and not photoshopped. I don’t know if I will ever get the chance to have one be a member of my family, but thankfully I can get a glimpse of their adorable features once in a while.

Like, in this video of a typical cat with hair… taking a bath. When his fur gets all wet he looks tiny as his fur sticks to his body. Not only does that bring a smile to my face today, but well — it’s a cat in a tub of water who is just chilling out like it’s his favorite thing. He’s playing on floaty toys and it looks like he’s smiling. If you have a cat member of your family, this sight is not something you’d typically see with a cat.

Click through to watch the sweet cat hanging out in a tub of water on a floaty device:


Photo credit: modified from screenshot /YouTube
Video source:  /YouTube 

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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