Happy Friday! Dogs Playing In Fountains!

I don’t know about where you live, but here in Southern California it has been feeling an awful lot like summer. We’ve busted out the kiddie pool, hooked up the misters, and are doing our best to beat the 90-100 degree temperatures we’ve been having. You know what though? It totally beats June Gloom, which usually haunts L.A. around this time of year. I’m hoping these record high temps keep it at bay. Until then, I’ll preempt the funk with these photos of adorable dogs cooling off in fountains. Because seriously. Adorable.

  • Dog Days of Summer 1 of 9

    Click through to see some adorable puppies in fountains!

  • That’s What I’m Talking About 2 of 9

    When I think of a dog in a fountain this is what I want to see.

    {image via iStockPhotos}

  • Ahhhhhh. 3 of 9

    I totally feel you, dude.

    {image via iStockPhotos}

  • Walk This! 4 of 9

    Somewhere, there's a very wet dog owner on his butt in a fountain.

    {image via iStockPhotos}

  • Hee Hee Hee 5 of 9

    It doesn\'t even need to be a lot of water for it to make me giggle.

    {image via iStockPhotos}

  • Surprise! 6 of 9

    What, you've never seen water before? Oh...wait...

    {image via iStockPhotos}

  • GAH! 7 of 9

    I don't know if there's even water in this picture, but who cares, it's adorable!

    {image via iStockPhotos}

  • Taking Turns 8 of 9

    Dogs are the best.

    {image via iStockPhotos}

  • Love This Guy 9 of 9

    Attack the water! Attack it!

    {image via iStockPhotos}

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