Help Save Stich, an Adorable French Bulldog

Stich is a well-loved and cherished french bulldog in ONE of his “homes.” The poor fellow is in the midst of a lengthy court and custody battle, in yet another case of the “dogs are simply property” short falls of current laws.

So even though he has a history of abuse by his “legal” owner, his current owners who have taken care of him, both financially and as a member of their family are being told they have to give him back.

Yes, really.

The full story will break your heart.

Stich started his life with a young actress who ignored and neglected Stich. Worried about his safety, his owner’s mother worked to find a good home for him. This is when blogger Hollye and her family adopted Stich fully legally, mind you. They took him to a vet where he finally got some vaccines and an exam, and he became a member of their family.

But then this happened, according to a friend and fellow blogger:

Within weeks, the girl’s adult boyfriend began harassing them and saying Stitch was his dog and they’d stolen him. He filed police reports. Hollye had a nonprofit using music as therapy to help foster children even a false police record could put that at risk. They brought the dog back to the girl’s mother, asking her to hold onto him while they cleared this up. The boyfriend took the dog from the house and disappeared with him before they could.

TWO YEARS LATER, they got a call. From Nevada City. Ten hours north of Los Angeles. Stitch had been found abandoned on a highway. He had a collar with a disconnected number along with a cigarette burn in his skin.

They once again welcomed Stich to their home, got him proper medical care, and helped him recover from the neglect and abuse. Again.

But the original “owner” who, by the way, has zero proof that he ever owned the dog won’t give up, and after a lengthy court battle, Hollye and her family LOST custody of Stich due to a 150 year old property statute that states that it doesn’t matter what has been done to the property, it must be returned to the original owner.

Hollye and her family are appealing, and in the meantime are allowed to keep Stich. They go to court again on June 7th.

Please help Save Stich! You can find ways to help here.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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