Helpful Tip To Help You Grieve When Your Pet Passes Away

Surprising Tip To Help When Your Pet Passes Away via Babble
Losing a pet can be traumatizing.

Anyone who has ever lost a loved one, human or animal, knows that grief is tough. You’re often left feeling beaten up, exhausted and traumatized. And while there is little that you can do to reverse your pet’s death, there are some helpful strategies that can help get you through your grieving process and dodge a full-blown depression.

Veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker who has had his own share of personal losses and also counseled countless patients provides some helpful tips.

Among the better known tips that help when you are grieving a loved one, like giving yourself permission to be sad and taking good care of your self through proper nutrition and sleep, one of the best ideas I read was his advice to stay away from non-pet people:

You know who these people are — they’re the ones who never really understood the bond between you and your pet in the first place. Often, they’re trying to be helpful, but chances are their comforting words will only make you feel worse.

Dr. Becker lists some common things that some people might utter without thinking, such as, “At least it wasn’t a child, just a pet”, “When I lost my husband, I learned that losing a pet wasn’t really that big of a deal” and “Just get another one right away!”

He advises that if you “can’t avoid their comments, no matter how well-meaning, try to ignore them or change the subject.”

For more ideas on coping with pet loss, follow these tips on how to help a friend through their loss of a pet.

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