Hero Cat Who Saved Boy is Now a Celebrity

Have you seen the video of the cat saving a small boy from a dog attack? If not, it is below. In it, a stray dog approached a boy and suddenly lunges, pulling the boy off of his bike. Then, out of no where, the family cat , Tara, launches itself at the dog, chasing it away. It is rather amazing. thankfully the boy was not seriously injured, although he did suffer some wounds and received stitches.

Now Tara the cat from the video is a celebrity. At the time of this writing, the video has over 22 million page views on You Tube, and the family has done interviews with major news outlets.  They have also received press from around the world.

Tara recently threw out the first pitch at a local ball game. Yes, a cat threw the first pitch. How?  With some human help, Tara batted the ball toward home plate using her paw and  some fishing wire then came into play to give the baseball the appearance of flying through the air to the home plate. It was a huge hit with the fans.

If you haven’t seen the heroic video yet, here it is. One caution: the end does show the boy’s injuries. While not overly graphic, if you are squeamish, you might wish to stop the video when the screen goes black and says “Thankfully it Wasn’t Worse.” Overall, this is one amazing cat!



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