Hide Your Keys, Hide Your Shoes – Dusty The Cat is Coming

Oh how I love cats! Seriously, no two are alike and if I can say so myself — they are all kind of weird. My older cat, Puppy has a hardcore case of ‘cattitude’ and likes things done a certain way. Ming-Ming is shy and does things in his own time. I have given up trying to understand them and what they think when they do the weird things the do because, well … cats are wonderfully weird.

Nothing proves that more then this little cat – photo right above. His name is Dusty but he is affectionately known around his community as ‘Klepto’ and for a very good reason. I’ve never heard of another cat who does the same weird thing this little one does — but it’s an incredibtly funny story to hear.

Click through to watch the must-see video of Dusty (aka Klepto) The Cat:

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Photo credit: modified screenshot from YouTube

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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