Hilarious New Site: "Cute Animals, Bad Dates"

One of the greatest things in my life is the fact that my husband and I have been together for twenty years which pretty much means before the internet. Internet dating is something I missed out on entirely, and I’m forever grateful (my husband and I met in a bar, as is good and proper, yo).

Jennifer Talley has done the online dating thing, and she’s taken her experience and turned it into this hysterically funny site. She pairs ACTUAL quotes from online profiles (not linked, she’s not cruel) with cute animal pictures. The results are gut bustingly funny. Jennifer describes herself as “a reader, writer, librarian, crafter, frequent ankle-twister, and bon vivant. A single mother, she spends much of her free time picking up Polly Pocket paraphenalia and deciding which online dating ads to answer and which to mock.” What she definitely is is funny!

Enjoy a few images below, but be sure to go to her site for the full effect.

  • Hard to imagine this bunny with handcuffs. 1 of 5
    Hard to imagine this bunny with handcuffs.
    Not to mention the idea of anyone being all, "I'll totally beat you in a consensual way" in a dating profile.
  • Or, you know, that you’re a BEAR. 2 of 5
    Or, you know, that you're a BEAR.
    This doesn't sound too bad, except for maybe the energy thing.
  • My ears say OUCH. 3 of 5
    My ears say OUCH.
    I would kill someone before the end of the first date if they didn't have an inside voice.
  • Yo, duuuuuuuude. 4 of 5
    Yo, duuuuuuuude.
    "Hi, I'm a total stoner, so like, call me!"
  • Um, backing away slowly… 5 of 5
    Um, backing away slowly...
    Conspiracy theorists unite!

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