Hope For Paws: A Pet Rescue Group Using Social Media

If you’ve been living under a rock, you have yet to see the amazing video of Fiona, the dirty and blind stray dog that was rescued, cleaned up, operated on to fix her blindness, and then placed in a loving home.

It turns out that Fiona is really just one of hundreds of animals that have been rescued by the folks that rescued her; a shoestring operation called Hope For Paws, run by Audrey and Eldad Hagar.

They’ve been running their dog rescue operation out of their apartment in Los Angeles for the last eight years, according to their website.

Our fostered animals are a part of our family and are treated as such.  Too often, people undervalue their furry family members and abandon them in their backyards, on the streets or at the shelters.  These animals die from starvation, abuse, and euthanization because of the overcrowding at the shelters.

They’ve also been very smart about using social media, with nearly 10,000 Facebook fans, and 15,000 Twitter followers, and 18,000 YouTube subscribers. The YouTube videos of the rescues are particularly compelling, which is why the video about Fiona’s rescue has gone viral in the last few weeks. Smartly, they’ve also added advertising to those videos, so the million plus views on the Fiona video (not the mention the increase in viewing of the other videos as well) have helped but dollars into the coffers of Hope For Paws so they can help more dogs.


If you aren’t convinced, well, watch this video. I find it even more compelling than Fiona’s because Ralph is so difficult to rescue. It’s amazing what patience and kindness will do, isn’ it?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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