Hot, Hot, Hot! 10 Summer Dogs Keeping It Cool With Fans (Photos)

Oh baby it’s getting hot out there. With summer just getting started, the humidity is creeping up here on the East Coast, and our dogs are already finding ways to cool off. Hayley‘s plush bed hasn’t been slept in for a few weeks now as she she prefers to sleep on the hardwood floor instead. She’s a smart cookie because that is the coolest spot in the house lately. We haven’t used much of the air conditioner just yet but fans have been our friend. Often our dogs (and cats) will position themselves directly in front of the fans to  soak up as much relief as they can.

Dogs are no dummies; they will find the warmest place in the winter and the coolest spot in the summer. And they look really cute relaxing during a summer snooze. Check out these 10 summer dogs soaking up the coolness of fans:

  • Smart pups! 1 of 11
    summer dogs
  • Up Close and Personal 2 of 11
    dogs summer

    It's the only way.


    Image: Flickr: d15studio

  • I Second That! 3 of 11
    summer dogs

    I'll jump for a good breeze.


    Image: Flickr/ Holy See

  • Size Matters 4 of 11
    summer dogs

    The bigger, the better.


    Image: Flickr/ keira-anne

  • Ahhhh… 5 of 11
    summer dogs

    Fans reach all the right places.

    Image: Flickr/Tobyotter

  • Love 6 of 11
    summer dogs

    Who is this electric beauty?


    Image: Flickr/ Alan By The Sea

  • Mechanics 7 of 11
    summer dogs

    Then the wind makes it go around and around.


    Image: Flickr/ RuggyBearLA

  • Combo For The Win 8 of 11
    summer dogs

    A fan and  the cool hardwood floor is just a divine combination.

    Image: Flickr/ mccun934

  • My Only Wish 9 of 11
    summer dogs

    Please don't make me move.

    Image Flickr/loweonthego

  • Decisions, Decisions 10 of 11
    summer dogs

    Oh, this is a tough one, but I'd have to go with the fan. 

    Image: Flickr/pramundo

  • Best of Both Worlds 11 of 11
    summer dogs

    Scraps from dinner and a cool breeze!

    Image: Flickr/nanaaphotos

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