How Beauty Bloggers Keep Their Pets Pretty

I started blogging seven years ago as a beauty blogger with my site Beauty and Fashion Tech. After that I moved onto pet blogging. Through the years, I have come to know a large number of fellow beauty bloggers, many of whom, like my myself, are pet lovers. Of course it is to be expected that beauty bloggers would be particularly interested in prettying up their pets!

I asked some of my beauty blogging friends how they keep their pets looking pretty. Their answers and photos of their pets are in the slideshow that follows. From using coconut oil for dry skin, to getting a retractable brush for easy hair removal, there are some really good tips here. Enjoy!

  • Keeping Those Pets Pretty! 1 of 17

    Beauty bloggers know a lot about looking pretty, and when it comes to their pets, they carry over that knowledge! Learn what a group of beauty bloggers do to keep their pets looking their best. 


    Photo Credits: and Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful Blog

  • Don’t Forget Those Omega 3s 2 of 17

    Anastasia from Glamorable! takes care of her Siberian cat Malish by adding fish oil to his diet, something that I do as well with my corgis. She says:   


    "I add Omega-3 fish oil supplement to my cat's food to boost his immune system, heart and joint health, as well as the appearance of his coat. The best part is that he takes it willingly, because it smells like fish! I use Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Pet for Cats and Small Dogs [$14.95], but other brands might make similar products, too."


    Photo Credit: Glamorable!

  • Administer Almond Oil for Dry Skin 3 of 17

    Stephanie from Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful Blog uses oatmeal for dry skin:


    "My boxer/shar pei mix gets terrible dry skin so we make sure to use an ultra rich shampoo with oatmeal and oils to keep his skin comfortable. Our favorite is the Paul Mitchell for Pets Almond Oil [$7.10]."


    Photo Credit: Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful Blog

  • Use A Leave-in Conditioner With Shea Butter 4 of 17

    Stephanie also takes care of dry spots with shea butter:


    "Our poodle mix gets very chilly in the snow, and it dries out patches on his skin. After he has been outside playing for awhile we spray his dry spots with a leave in conditioner/shampoo combo and sometimes rub a bit of natural raw shea butter on the really rough ones, like around his paws. Our favorite leave in conditioner is from I heart Pet Head.  It is called "Poof [$12.99]!" It is also a deodorizing spray so it is great when he gets sweaty or stinky from lots of playing and it smells like pears!"


    Photo Credit: Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful Blog

  • Retractable Brushes Are Best 5 of 17

    Stephanie also uses a retractable brush, which I do as well with my corgis. She says:


    "We have two long haired rescue cats and the hair content is insanity. We recently picked up an amazing retractable brush that easily brushes then removes all the hair from the hair from the brush in a second. Super easy to use and hair isn't flying everywhere!"


    Photo Credit: Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful Blog

  • All The Painted Poodles 6 of 17

    Courtney at is known for her creative looks and hair, and she keeps her poodle looking equally stylish. Courtney says: 


    "I've had Phaedra groomed in all different kinds of ways. I've also had her dyed with pet-safe dyes. She's been a pink poodle, had a purple mohawk and a blue one too. I like her best when she's pink and has gold glittered nails (with doggie polish of course!).


    In addition to taking her to a groomer, I do also groom her myself. It took me quite a while to figure out the best way to groom her. Because she trusts me, she'll lay down on her back and let me shave her stomach, where she won't do that for a groomer. She's got infinite patience with me!


    I also have dressed her up in costumes! She looks cute with faerie wings on her back. She also doesn't mind the Christmas dress I put her in. She didn't like the reindeer antlers so we didn't repeat those. She also dressed up as a witch once."


    Photo Credit:

  • Don’t Forget! There Are Multiple Uses For Coconut Oil 7 of 17

    I love coconut oil for multiple beauty uses. It also can be great for your pets.  As Tashina from Logical Harmony explains:


    "I have three cats and I use coconut oil to help keep their fur shiny. I place a small amount in their food each day. In the winter one of my cats gets dry skin! I rub some extra into his coat and onto his skin every couple of days to help moisturize."


    Photo Credit: Carleen Coulter (Taken in the Dominican Republic at a local producer. I like the misspelling on the bottle!)


  • DIY Grooming 8 of 17

    Kathryne, TheFabZilla, does her own grooming. She says: 


    "My hub and I groom our one and only furry baby ourselves. Every three months we trim her hair; I bathe her often, as a Dog Mama I can smell when she needs one. She enjoys bathing, grooming, and drying her hair, she snores in between sessions! And by the way, she enjoys dressing up too!"


    Photo Credit: TheFabZilla

  • People’s Conditioner Can Keep Your Pet Tangle-Free! 9 of 17

    Noelle at XO, Noelle uses regular conditioner to keep her dog's hair smooth. She says:


    "I keep my Yorkie beautiful by using an all natural shampoo for dogs followed by a small amount of human conditioner that I leave on for about 5 minutes then wash off to keep her hair silky and tangle-free!"


    Photo Credit: XO, Noelle

  • Lots of Brushing 10 of 17
    photo 5

    Adna from Adna Cristina Beauty does plenty of brushing with her two cats: 


    "I've got two Siamese cats, a male Charlie, and female Bella, and I love brushing (with a large paddle brush, proper for pets) them at least twice a day to keep the coat shiny and tidy and to get rid of those flying hairs on their body, the less hair around the house the better. I feed them four times a day. I also like to mix wet food with dry food to make them full so they go to sleep straight away. They love cuddles and attention and they are so cute together!"


    Photo Credit: Adna Cristina Beauty 

  • Pedi Paws To Help Trimming 11 of 17

    Honey at Honeygirl's World uses a grinder on her dog's nails, which I also do with my corgis. Although I use an attachment for a dremmel tool. Here is Honey's grooming routine:


    "Five days before Christmas last year, we lost our Pitbull Koa. He had been with us for 14 years (we had him since he was a month old). I used the regular Petco Brand Shampoo to cleanse him because he didn't like the scents of others and while he didn't like to wear clothes, he loved to wear doggy hats. We used Pedi Paws Nail Trimmer [$12.99] - to trim his nails which is super easy to use. Shortly after he died we bought a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. We were really not used to such a small dog and one with so much hair but I pamper him by using Viva La Spa Oatmeal Shampoo [$9.99] (he loves it) and again use Pedi Paws to trim his nails. He hasn't been too accepting to using anything on his head, but loves to wear clothes."


  • Manis for All 12 of 17
    PicMonkey Collage

    Brooke from Blushing Noir says,"my pup is like any other girl in this house! Loves to dress up and get her nails painted!" I'm with her there, as I often dress up my corgis Ty and Eve. Eve in particular usually has a fancy flower or bow on her collar.


    Photo Credit: Blushing Noir

  • Playing Dress Up 13 of 17
    PicMonkey Collage2

    A couple of bloggers with pets with special needs or challenges both love to dress up their pets.


    Stef from We Heart This said "I never thought I'd be the kind of person to dress my pets up. But an old, cold Boston Terrier changed all that for me! Mabel wears leopard print PJs from Etsy seller Naked Dog PJ's. She's toasty and fashionable!" (Mabel is deaf). 


    Justina at Justina's Gems said "This is a picture of my dog Ruckus. One of his eyes is stitched shut after having a mast cell tumor removed this year. We kept him pretty on Halloween by dressing him up as the big bad wolf. Our daughter was Little Red Riding Hood.


    Photo credits: We Heart This and Justina's Gems


  • A Favorite Chamomile Shampoo 14 of 17

    Stephanie from Makeuprshutup has a favorite shampoo and dry shampoo for her dog Kota:


    "I have a golden Retriever, who LOVES to roll in dirt and mud. Besides showers, he gets brushed with either baby shampoo or special pet shampoo from my friend, Heather Marianna. I also have a chamomile scented dry shampoo type spray for him, also by Heather."


    Photo Credit: Makeuprshutup

  • Use Pet Wipes Between Groomings 15 of 17

    Nancy from Beauty 411 found a great way to keep her pet fresh in between grooming sessions:


    "Kirby likes to "roll," and being a Westie, she loves to check out every nook and cranny outside. We've found that regular grooming appts keep her clean and looking pretty and she seems to enjoy it. For in-between times, we use wipes--I have the Boots & Barkley Deodorizing Wipes [$6.84] from Target now, but have bought other brands at PetSmart."


    Photo Credit: Beauty 411

  • Dry Shampoo Will Help Between Baths Too! 16 of 17

    Angel from Hairspray and Highheels says:


    "My best investment was a $9 bottle of Dry Clean Spray Shampoo from Pet Head [$10.84] in the scent blueberry muffin. It's sort of like a dry shampoo for dogs, keeps them smelling great in between trips to the groomers and we use it about once a week for our Chihuahua. It's a spray on non-rinsing shampoo and you just towel them dry! Amazing!"

  • And For Bath Time… 17 of 17

    For my own pets, I often use Tigi Pet Head products. Ty gets allergies, which you can spot in the above photo where the pink is showing on his legs. Because of that, he uses a prescription shampoo part of the year. I give both dogs Omega 3 fish oil to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. Right now I am giving them Mercola Krill Oil for Pets ($24.97) for that. You can see a good video about at that link. We use a dremel for grinding nails and pet wipes between baths.


    Photo Credit: Carleen Coulter

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