Real-Life Ren and Stimpy Duo? Chihuahua Annoys Cat

Hysterical Chihuahua Annoys Cat: Real-Life Ren and Stimpy Duo?Many of us fondly recall a little cartoon from 1991 which aired on Nickelodeon called Ren and Stimpy. It was part of the Nicktoons block along with Rugrats and Doug and featured Ren Höek, “an emotionally unstable Chihuahua”, and Stimpson J. Cat, a good-natured cat. Ren was usually hyperactive beyond belief and always bugging Stimpy. Well, it looks like a real-life Ren and Stimpy duo may have been located.

In the video below, the tiny yet hyper Chihuahua annoys a big fluffy cat that is only trying to chill on his mini carpet. The dog nips and jumps on the cat repeatedly until he figures out a final way to drive the cat mad: steal his rug.

Watch this cute video for yourself:

Image: YouTube


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