I Can Haz Vacuum Cleaner? (LOL Video)

I Can Haz Vacuum Cleaner? (Video, via Babble Pets)I will never understand the weird things cats do. For example, cats are supposed to hate water, but this morning one of my cats turned on the tub faucet and stretched out in the water. Uhhh, okay. You enjoy your relaxing soak, Kitty. I’ll…just…shower later, apparently.

The kitty in this video is enjoying playing with a vacuum cleaner — another thing cat’s aren’t supposed to like. On the other hand, my other cat (the non-bathtub one) is deaf, and she actually loves being vacuumed. So obviously, cats just like to mess with our heads or something.

According to online translator Babylon, the video is appropriately titled, “Cat and the Vacuum Cleaner.” Apparently the description translates to “Video is not my. Taken with Jacob.” So, I guess the cat’s name is Jacob? Or Jacob took the video? No idea. Whatever. It’s wonderfully, weirdly funny.


(via: Gawker)

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