I Follow a Corgi on Facebook: Why You Should, Too

It started with a simple question.

“Who’s the governor of California?” a coworker wanted to know. Being a New York native, I had no clue who had held office since Arnold Schwarzenegger, but something compelled me to find out. A quick Google search led me to governor Jerry Brown’s homepage, which led me to facts about his First Dog, Sutter Brown. Sutter’s a corgi, the dog breed favored by the Queen of England and anyone who loves short, fluffy animals (so everyone), and a self-proclaimed Whig and Zen Jesuit (although he prefers not to get carried away by dogma). Ah, the magic of the Internet.

And he maintains a Facebook fan page boasting over 5,000 fans. “Liking” it is about as public as I’m going to get with my political affiliations, but Sutter’s appeal crosses party lines. Follow the jump for 10 glimpses of Sutter Brown’s life and why you should follow him — become a fan of his here!Jillian Capewell

  • He works well with others 1 of 10
    He works well with others
    Signed, sealed, delivered — when there's a memo to send out, Sutter knows how to get it done. This one? "Woof, woof, aroooo!"
  • He can handle the papparazzi 2 of 10
    He can handle the papparazzi
    No snarls or bites from this guy when the camera's in his face — he stays cool, calm, and collected.
  • He knows when to take a break 3 of 10
    He knows when to take a break
    Dictating all your memos to someone with opposable thumbs takes a lot out of you, so when it's naptime, Sutter knows how to relax. Now, who's ready for a belly rub?
  • He’s a motivating workout partner 4 of 10
    He's a motivating workout partner
    With a corgi's little legs, having Sutter do a push-up would be pretty ineffective. But cheering on owner and California Governor Jerry Brown? Sutter's good for that.
  • He’s so cute, it’s scary 5 of 10
    He's so cute, it's scary
    Is that a miniature dragon?! Oh, phew, just a corgi. Fooled me again, Sutter!
  • He’s supportive of other species 6 of 10
    He's supportive of other species
    Who knew a corgi could make such a good rabbit, too?
  • He’s a champion of naps 7 of 10
    He's a champion of naps
    I can get behind this. Scoot over, man.
  • He’s a good friend 8 of 10
    He's a good friend
    What's this pup thankful for? Good friends! I'll "like" that.
  • He’s festive 9 of 10
    He's festive
    When you're getting holiday inspiration from a dog, something is wrong — or so, so right.
  • He loves his home state 10 of 10
    He loves his home state
    You would hope that the governor of California's dog would be a little proud to say where he's from — I'm glad Sutter says it with a surfboard.

All images courtesy of Sutter Brown’s Facebook page. Used with permission.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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