I KNEW I Was Right! Animals ARE Taking Over The World!

I KNEW I Was Right!  Animals ARE Taking Over The World!

You may recall that a couple weeks ago I did piece on pigs who had attacked and eaten a farmer (yes, for real).  I had suggested that the pigs around the world were planning a revolt against humans.  Well, I have found proof that not only are the pigs involved, but meerkats, dogs, cats, and guinea pigs are as well.  I am sure there are other animals too (I bet spiders, spiders are always involved in stuff like this) but I haven’t figured out which ones yet.

There is a company in the UK, The Maverick Shop, that I believe the animals are using to disseminate their intelligence to each other.  This web site sells all sorts of harmless looking products like greeting cards and calendars and other darling children’s products.  Some of their products depict animals humorously engaging in human activities.  That sounds really cute and funny, right?  Maybe.  Or maybe the animals are sending the message that they are preparing to take over.

If you think I am reading too deeply into it, then feel free to ignore me (at your own peril) and head over to Maverick’s web site and stock up on calendars, puzzles, cards and books.  Before you decide though, take a look below.

  • Looks Innocent 1 of 9
    Looks Innocent
    These dogs appear to reading important documents but it's disguised as a greeting card joking about tea.
  • Meerkats 2 of 9
    These two are part of the special-ops troops.
  • Waterskiing Westies 3 of 9
    Waterskiing Westies
    Again with the ever clever greeting card, these dogs are also showing off their mad special-ops skills.
  • KP Duty 4 of 9
    KP Duty
    Kitchen Patrol or Kitchen Pig? This pig will go to any length to keep his "men" fed.
  • Coercion 5 of 9
    Just like human, animals will do anything to get some french fries, and this pig knows it!
  • Show of Strength 6 of 9
    Show of Strength
    3rd time's a charm when the guinea pig version of an Army Ranger pretends to be posing for a greeting card. He's really trying to intimidate you.
  • All Out 7 of 9
    All Out
    The Guinea Rangers are part of a calendar that show they are ready for any challenge.
  • Violinists 8 of 9
    These cats are part of the Rebellion's USO. Rather than fight, they entertain the troops.
  • Hep Cats 9 of 9
    Hep Cats
    Also part of the USO, these cats offer an edgier sound.

And remember, if you are blinded by the cuteness, all pictures are available as cards, calendars or puzzles from Maverick.

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