I Thought People Were Joking, but Maybe Cats ARE a Little Mean

"What are we doing?  We're just sitting here getting our picture taken.  Why don't you mind your own business?"
“What are we doing? We’re just sitting here getting our picture taken. Why don’t you mind your own business?”

There are lots of jokes about how cats can’t be bothered with us humans or are disdainful of us.  Cats have the rep for being disinterested and/or unimpressed by anyone and/or anything that is not, well… not a cat.

I don’t really know if all these are fair assessments.  I don’t have a cat.  I’ve met plenty of cats, but haven’t spent a ton of time around them.  The people I know who have cats seem to like them well enough.  I even have one friend who insists cats are gods.  So, maybe all the “cats are snobs” stuff is wrong.

Then, I found THE VIDEO.  This is not going to help with cat PR at all.  If there is a cat mafia or a cat union, someone is going to be found in a river wearing cement shoes.  Cats live in houses with mostly people, dogs and other cats.  You will see, no one is spared.  Everyone is fair game.  (This video comes on the heels of last week’s video of a cat pushing another cat down a ladder to show the difference of how dogs and cats teach their young).

Watch below to see why dogs are called man’s best friend and cats are not (I don’t think they are anyone’s best friend).

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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